Alloy Flamingo charm (each)

Alloy Flamingo charm, Antique silver color.

Flamingo Fob (each)

A Beautiful fob that can be attached to almost anything.

Mini Flamingos (5 Mix and Match)

Cute little mini Flamingos, not suitable for infants.

Flamingo Paper clips (5)

Paper Clips Clamp Organizer Binder Clips Flamingo Animal Shape Bookmark Foldback Stationary Clips School Office Supplies (5 Pieces)

Flamingo Keychain

Pick 1 of four different colors. Make it your favorite keyring. Flamingos everywhere!

Pink Flamingo (Thin)

Our Thin Pink Flamingo complete with legs. All Flamingos are subject to previous use.

Pink Flamingo (Regular)

Our regular Pink Flamingo with legs

Flying Pink Pig with legs

A whimsical flying pink pig

Yellow Flamingo

A Yellow Flamingo will surely stand out in the crowd.

Green Flamingo

A nice green Flamingo, what team uses this color?

Baby Blue Flamingo

A Baby Blue Flamingo, Perfect for birth announcement.

Dark Blue Flamingo

A dark blue Flamingo to go with your dark Blue sports team.

Purple Flamingo - Head up

A Purple Flaming with it's head up. Something you don't see every day.

Purple Flamingo - Head Down

A purple Flamingo with it's head down. Do you think it's sad?

Skeleton Flamingo

A great Flamingo to have around for Halloween. White bones painted on a black background.

Zombie Flamingo

A little more scary and ferocious than our regular Skeleton Flamingo or the plain black Flamingo. Perfect for a Halloween scare. Limited quantities.

Black Crow

A Black life size crow complete with a single leg.

Assorted body parts (Hands and Feet)

Assorted Body parts. Order a few to get some variety.